Berenika Konar-Mynarek

Translator in Wrocław, Polska

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Quality without compromising on timeliness.

You want to be sure of the quality you receive in the short-turnaround setting.

You find timely deliveries crucial to your business.

So do I.

I am an EN<>PL native translator in the field of life sciences, marketing, management, human resources, and arts, who helps organizations to achieve their goals.

Thanks to 11 years of professional experience, hundreds of completed high-quality projects and dozens of satisfied clients, I have learned how to go beyond various translation needs.


What are my superpowers?

► Delivering HIGH-QUALITY translations (meaning: no vicious circle of receiving-resending the translation)

► TIME-KEEPING (meaning: no need to waste your time on addressing clients' strident requests)

► RESPONSIVENESS (meaning: gain a peace of mind that everything is on track when you need to)


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